Mt Borradaile - A place of Inspiration

Posted on 19 09 2013

Sunset Cruise

The sea eagle circles
the flat-bottomed
aluminium boat, swoops
claws skimming the water
a wriggling barramundi
learns to fly.

A male jacana bird
calls to his chicks,
two cream balls of fluff
dance across the lily pads.
He scoops them up, scurries away
two sets of legs dangle
under bulging wings.

Like a garden sculpture
a lone jabiru stretches
his elongated neck
and, balancing on red pretzel legs,
forages for food
among the reeds
of the water’s edge.

Whistling ducks, darters,
brolgas, night herons, kites,
kingfishers, magpie geese,
and open-mouthed crocodiles
desperate for dental work.

I drink in the asterisks of light
as the sun sleeps
and darkness shrouds

Lynette Stevens
Awunbarna: Aboriginal name for Mount Borradaile, Arnhem Land.

Published in Poetrix 40, Western Women Writers, 2013